The Remit for the BCA Communities Focus Group ‘Committee’ effective July 15

The Committee to meet in whole or part as often as is necessary.
The Grp as a whole to meet quarterly. Dates to be agreed on 30 July.
The Committee’s Chairman should be the Chairman of its Focus Group and may have up to two Deputy Chairman. The 

remit for the Committee-

act to bring two outcomes over a 12 month period, one being newsworthy vis a vis local media/newspaper coverage, which


  1. Celebrates the input to Birmingham and Greater Birmingham society made by Commonwealth Communities
  2. Develops mutually beneficial community initiatives
  3. Strengthens and maximises Birmingham’s and Greater Birmingham’s engagement with Commonwealth Countries/Communities
  4. Brings all Commonwealth related Communities together to work in partnership
  5. Reduce duplications by groups

What is fundamental however is that the group needs to be OUTCOME driven. It needs to understand what Commonwealth Communities want, decide upon a clear mandate and upon agreed objectives within agreed timescales with realisable tangible gains for its partners.

The Committee should also, as requested, assist with BCA wide events. It should plan at least 12 months ahead and be creative in its thought process liaising with other organisations/BCA Focus Groups as required to achieve its objectives /outcomes.

The committee may also consider and organise a yearly award to be presented at the annual Commonwealth Day Dinner.

It should fully consider/document all proposals it intends to act upon and put in place a ‘critical path’ and, as required, a risk assessment.

A BCA Strategic Partner
BCA Ambassador
Councillor Diane Donaldson – B’ham City Council
A BCA Strategic Partner
BCA Ambassador
Councillor Mohammed Aikhlaq MBE – B’ham City Council