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Commonwealth Association.

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Trade and Business / Education / Communities. Maximising the benefits of networking, partnerships and collaboration for outcome driven results.

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A network of academia, businesses, individuals and organisations from across Birmingham who are committed to improving the lives and prospects of the Commonwealth community.

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The Association achieves its outcome by focusing upon three areas of Commonwealth interest, each area chaired by highly proficient individuals with relevant experience and skills.

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Our Corporate Structure

The Birmingham Commonwealth Association comprises a wide-ranging group of people from businesses, government, universities, colleges and communities who wish to collaborate, engage and co-operate with each other and third parties to deliver Commonwealth related outcomes for both their, your and Greater Birmingham’s benefit. Read More
Ghana Union Midlands
BCA Ambassador
Councillor Debbie Clancy – B’ham City Council
A BCA Strategic Partner
BCA Ambassador
Councillor Diane Donaldson – B’ham City Council
A BCA Strategic Partner
BCA Ambassador
Councillor Mohammed Aikhlaq MBE – B’ham City Council